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Donor match for Zaki Omar

Hello Everyone.

A dear friend in his early 30s named Zaki Omar from an Afghanistani ethnicity has leukemia. He needs a blood cell transplant asap. Preferably from someone who has a South Asian ethnicity.

An event is being held this Sunday at Halal Bros Restaurant in Queens NY to seek potential donors (ages 18-44) who will need to simply do a mouth swab with a Qtip. If there is a match, and the procedure is undertaken, the donor will not be at any risk.

PLEASE try to attend and bring as many people as you can.

There is a substantial cash award set up for a successful donor match.

Event Details:

Date: Sunday December 24, 2017

Time: 12-3 pm

Place: Halal Bros
24601 Jericho Turnpike, Queens, NY 11426

Any further questions please feel free to call 917-359-5198.

Thank you!

Season 13 – Finals Preview

Match-up: UNCLE DREW vs. Halal bros

Time: 8:05 pm

Date: February 11, 2018

Place: Queens HS of Teaching, Bellerose Queens

Tagline: For the Sea son 13 CHIP

Well folks.  After a season of new faces, exciting games, and a lot of whining, the Finals is upon us.  On one side, we have Team Halal Bros who just beat the Decepticons in a typical CBL classic playoff game where the intensity and passion were glowing like the moon light.  On the other side, that man Saffi once again leads his team to another finals appearance as they overcame an inspired Mujahideen team in the semis.

While Uncle Drew is the favorite with likes of E, Sarfaraz, Saffi, and Mir but how can we bet against Nafi and the Halal Bros?  Nafi is a superb defender of the paint, as well as a great teammate who make pedestrian players like Assad and Kamil shine bright at the highest stage.  In addition, his IQ is so appreciated in big games.

No doubt, this contest will be close with so many oohs and aahs.  The playmakers are there on both sides led by Rahi from Halal Bros and Saffi of Uncle Drew. The keys to success for Uncle Drew is to ensure there perimeter game is sound and consistent.  We say this because there is no way they can dominate the paint despite having Mir Khan on their side.  For Halal Bros, their key is to keep Nafi strong throughout as he can single handily take over the game by drawing a double team that creates opportunities for his teammates. The Decepticons were able to stabilize Nafi during crucial stretches of the game. Hint Zia!

Head-to-Head Uncle Drew vs. Halal Bros:

1 – Saffi vs. Sayem. Two egomaniacal Crescent Veterans who will not rest until they win the whole thing.  They both can score from the perimeter.  They both have won chips.  Saffi is a better defender and penetrator.  However, Sayem just hit the game winner to send his team to the finals.  See. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCFzik6FKxvP_jGbO9ToZRQQ


2 – E vs. Rahi. Rahi is a great defender, penetrator, and overall playmaker.  E is a lights out shooter who can extend the lead or bring his team back with big shots.  Both men love to run the floor in transition.  Rahi gets the edge with his experience and hops. Edge. HALAL BROS

3 – Sarfaraz vs. Ali Ladak. Two different styles of play.  Sarfaraz is a skilled player who has a smooth J and high IQ.  Ali is a high-energy person who can do what Sarfaraz does but at a limit.  Edge. UNCLE DREW

4 – Mir vs. Nafi. What a matchup.  Two big men who have been battling the paint there whole careers.  We already know Nafi is a top tier player.  If not the best.  Mir Khan quietly can take over a game with his strength and dribbling ability.  However, let us get real here.  No one can stop Nafi. Edge: HALAL BROS

5 – Hassan vs. Assad.  Assad gets the edge because he converted on five three pointers in a semis game as a low rated player.  Hasan will give you his hustle and bustle but when you need points, you call Assad.  Edge: HALAL BROS


The bench favors UD.  They have Omar (MVP of the Legends Division) and shooter Zia.  Halal Bros has the CBL lifer Kamil who is capable of contributing in a big way.  Edge. UNCLE DREW


The community expects a medium pace contest with high IQ play and closeness in terms of scoring and stats.  No one player will stand out.  There will be multiple lead changes and ties.  At the end, the difference will come down to which team successfully implements the following aforementioned keys to success:

1 – Can Uncle Drew consistently generate points from the perimeter, which will spread the floor and keep Nafi in check?

2 – Can Halal Bros preserve Nafi for the entire game and keep him strong when they need him down the stretch?

We will find out Sunday after the All star game!.

Come One. Come  All!

Score Predic tion: Halal Bros 67, Uncle Drew 62

Voltron WIN!!!

Your Season 9 Legends Champs!

Russel wins Finals MVP.